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Comprehensive operational service.

Our comprehensive Amazon sales account operations service provides a comprehensive solution for you to effectively access and manage your online business. From account creation to product management, order processing, and sales strategy optimization, we ensure every aspect of your Amazon business runs smoothly and efficiently. best. At the same time, we also provide technical support and in-depth consulting to help you optimize business performance and achieve your desired sales goals on the world's largest e-commerce platform. .

Hộp trên con lăn băng tải


​Deploying and setting up the channels

Market research
Product reviews
Propose sales strategy

Channel setup:
Create a sales account
Create product page
Build brand stores


Full stack management 

​and operations

Daily operation:
Product and inventory management,
customer care, management
account costs and risks

Recommend promotion programs
and advertising management

Analyze, improve, optimize
metrics and campaigns

Report and analyze operationg results
and business trends



Develop and expand

​the markets

Consulting on product improvement,
develop product portfolio

Continuously update and take advantage of

new tools of ​e-commerce

Market expansion: from the US

to countries in the region

of North America, Europe,…

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